The language lab offers language consulting services for the arts and cultural institutions and organizations: museums, galleries; international fairs, film festivals, forums, events, film production houses, cultural websites, and more. From translating and interpreting to editing, we join our clients during the pre-production, production and post-production stages of international events, thus maximising their communication efforts. We focus on fostering international cultural co-productions


Spanish < > English

Spanish < > Portuguese

Spanish < > Italian

Spanish < > French

Spanish < > German

Spanish < > Arabic




  • Email exchanges

  • Biographies

  • Synopsis

  • Scripts

  • Screenplays

  • Treatments

  • Catalogues

  • Programmes

  • Signs

  • Websites

  • Technical scripts

  • Curatorial texts

  • Press kits

  • Project submissions


  • Ceremonial and protocol for international events

  • Coaching for public speaking

  • Mentoring for pitching sessions

  • Proofreading and editing


  • Audiovisual transcription

  • translators and proofreaders with ample experience in subtitling and updated on international standards.

  • Temporization

  • Synchronization

  • .srt, xml and/or embedded subtitles

  • Proofreading of existing translations

  • Adapting current translations to target audience

  • Equipment for screenings

  • Joint criteria on vocabulary alongside client

  • Closed-caption

  • SDH

Interpreting solutions

  • Consecutive interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpreting at conferences

  • Whispering

  • Interpreting for interviews and meetings


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Ana Carrino | Founder and director

Ana studied fashion design at ABM and visual arts at the UBA. To support herself while studying, she trained as an English teacher at Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires and through Cambridge's TKT programme and worked as a teacher for over 10 years. Now she has blended both her passion for Arts and languages as the coordinator of translating and consulting teams that offer quality and comprehensive services in order to achieve the best professional result.

The language lab prioritizes quality over quantity and therefore projects are evaluated according with the level of difficulty and length to offer reasonable deadlines and competitive fees.

Our goal is to deliver a personalised service and to establish long-lasting, stable and trust-worthy relations. 

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