Our interpreters take pride in their high level of professionalism. Not only do they diligently study each case, but they are also naturally poised orators who will faithfully interpret the agent's message.

Each event is especially examined and evaluated in order to offer a tailor-made and specialized service as far as vocabulary and other needs.




Simultaneous interpreting presents the ideal infrastructure for conferences, round table discussions or any event where there be multiple agents and listeners of two or more languages. The interpreter shall be in a separate booth overseeing the venue from where, thanks to the right equipment (booth, console and headsets) they will listen to the speaker and interpret what is said at the same time, using their short-term memory. Because of how demanding this work is, it is recommended that at least two interpreters be hired for events, who will take turns every half an hour of 40 minutes of interpreting.

The booth and sound system we work with are provided by Maac Audiovisuales.


Consecutive interpreting is charmingly performative. It is ideal for conversations or for guests who need someone alongside them during their stay -an angel. It is more exposed for the interpreter and, if used for a masterclass or conference, it could prolong the disertation time. 


Whispering is a kind of simultaneous interpreting which is whispered into the ear of the person who needs interpreting. It is used at meetings or conferences where up to two people may seat beside the interpreter to hear his delivery. 

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